As a 2008 Alumni of Humber College from the Multimedia Design & Production Technician Program, I have been working as a Front End Web Developer for more than a decade. Being able to create simple and visually appealing websites and fixing bugs have been a passion of mine for over 12 years.

Thanks to my work as a web developer, I was able to explore an old passion of mine, Photography. After studying it for 4 years in high school, I continued to pursue photography as a hobby. Being able bring that passion in a professional setting has been a blessing. With 2 years of professional experience, I aim to continue to grow and perfect my craft.

Having previously been employed at NOW Toronto, Unikron, and EightySix Interactive, I am currently a Freelance Web Developer and Photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

My goal is to help businesses grow their digital presence by providing dynamic imagery for businesses or social media, developing simple and elegant websites with strong seo, or creating new multimedia content.

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